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We are devoted to your success. If you're not having fun, we're not having fun, therefore, we're here to make it a party! "It's never too early or too late to celebrate a potty graduate."


Hi I'm Kim Harris the proud founder of Potty People Stop


Who We Are

Potty People Shop is the go-to support and advice company for parents and caregivers seeking to successfully potty train a child.

Every single day there are parents, guardians and caregivers facing the challenges and successes of getting a little one potty trained without any type of support or guidance.


This is where my business shines! As a potty training consult with over 20 years of experience in getting children potty trained, I run an all in one “get it” done business. I provide one on one consultations and group classes, I’ve authored six potty training inspirational books to help plant the idea of potty training into the minds of babies and toddlers, I’ve created an exciting potty training chart with my one of a kind character stickers. And that’s not all! I have coloring books and potty training tees that are sure to spark positive conversation and vibes towards trainees. 


While not all parents are frustrated with children peeing and pooping in their clothes, on the floor, in the bed, and in the local grocery store on aisle 9... there are definitely some frustrated parents and caregivers out there! According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, potty training is the number one developmental skill where children are likely to be abused.


Again, this is where my business shines! Potty People Stop provides successful tips and strategies that are backed by experience and in-depth research. My emotional sensitivity approach to the potty training process is guaranteed to make an monumental impact in the the lives of children and families nationwide! 

We seek to eliminate child abuse by providing daily help for parents and caregivers currently assisting a child in their potty training  journey! 

Say goodbye to stress! Let's talk success: